one of the best and most comprehensive books on sidemount diving
– InDepth Magazine

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I’ve read this book twice in the last couple of days.I found it to be very informative,well written with photographs to illustrate points in the narrative.Plenty of info for those considering “getting the monkey of their back” to help them make the switch.Lots of tips for divers further up the learning curve to give them ideas how to improve their rigs and for the guys who like to tinker,as we know Sidemount is not an exact science. All in all well worth the money and a great addition to the dive library. – Rob Stanley

Your book has been very useful. Tonight I will be trying out some changes to my Nomad gleaned from your recommendations. I find your style to be clear, most photos to be great and the organization to be logical. I consider it to be the best work on the subject by far. Thanks again. I am recommending it to anyone who is taking an interest in side mount. – Peter N.

Hi Rob, did my first sidemount dive today after reading your book. Brilliant!!! Hollis SMS gear arrived yesterday, set up last night referencing your guide and had a nice shakedown today. All worked perfectly. Thank you sharing. – Reg M.

Enjoying the book. Really great info. I seriously am going to no longer recommend, but actually require, it for my SM students. – Jim L.